FAQs (I’m new here)

What will my Sunday morning experience be like?

When you enter the church you will be greeted warmly by our ushers who will offer you a worship bulletin and a visitor folder with information about our church. They will tell you where you can hang up your coat and where the restroom is. They will direct you to the sanctuary and help you find a seat, if you would like.

Our worship begins with news and announcements. Then as the pianist plays, the Light of Christ, represented by a flame will be brought in and the altar candles will be lit.

All other parts of the service are listed in the bulletin to make it easy for you to follow along.

If you need assistance with anything, anyone near you will be happy to help.

What about my kids?

We welcome childrenĀ  of all ages to stay during the service, and our pastor enjoys it when they contribute their own sweet sounds! If you would prefer, however, we have a staffed, secure nursery where your children can play. There is also a basket with coloring books, etc. near the doors to the sanctuary.

How early should I arrive for worship?

Plan to arrive by 8:50 so you have time to find a seat and get settled in.

What should I wear to worship?

Come as you are! We see our people wear jeans or shorts, Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, suits and dresses, pantsuits. Wear what you like! (God doesn’t care what you wear)

What about Sunday School?

Our Adult Sunday School class meets in the classroom near the office and is led by the class members themselves. They have wonderful discussion and anyone is welcome to come! They would welcome your input.